“To Inherit Hunger” in Bourbon Penn 21

By bedtime each night, empty-eyed cartoon characters tumbled over her mother’s slippers. At six, Jillian didn’t understand words like “hallucinatory manifestation disorder” and “early onset”. She giggled at Helga Hog dancing in her fluffy ballet costume and clapped her chubby hands when Henry Hog splashed in an imaginary mud puddle she could almost see.

She didn’t know to worry about the way her mother’s eyes squinted against the soft glow of the bedside lamp or the knuckles she pressed hard into each temple, hands trembling with the effort, until the brightly colored Hog family faded to sketchy wisps, then shadows, and finally into nothing at all.

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“What Beasts We Cannot Conquer” appearing in Cossmass Infinities!

“What Beast We Cannot Conquer” is one of my favorite things I’ve written to date. It follows a clockwork necromancer as she navigates illness, complicated relationships, messy emotions, and new/different selfhood.

You can find it in issue 1 of Cossmass Infinities. Copies are available at Amazon, Google Play, Gumroad and on the Cossmass Infinities website. There’s even a paperback option on Amazon for those that like to gather up all their hoarded stories into a nice cozy pile upon which they sleep and/or wait for passing travelers to threaten with arcane riddles.

“Such Truth As This” appearing in Three Crows Magazine Issue #5

Ever wonder what Hel was doing when Loki cast the first seeds of Ragnarok? Well, turns out she was tending the garden.

My story “Such Truth As This” is now available in Three Crows Magazine Issue 5.

—A Preview—

Here is an old story. You’ve heard it before—

Two door guardians: one a liar, the other true. They offer these rules to you freely upon your approach, each glancing sly accusations at the other. You’re allowed one question before you choose.

You think you have the answer, the proper words one must know when navigating crossroads, but you’re wrong. Everyone is. This game was rigged long before your oldest ancestors learned to cast their wishes on wind-caught dandelions.

There is no riddle, no right path, no rules. These beasts are hungry and they’re lying to you.

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